Frequently Asked Questions…

Are the white sturgeon really different from other sturgeon?

Yes, they are different. DNA sampling shows that the Nechako sturgeon are a genetically distinct population. The genetic evidence indicates they have not interbred with sturgeon from the Fraser River mainstem for many, many generations. This genetic information, as well as years of radio tracking data, indicate that the Nechako sturgeon rarely leave the Nechako basin and do not breed with other sturgeon. They have become uniquely adapted over thousands of years to the conditions within the Nechako River.

What programs for the White Sturgeon does the provincial government have?

Scientists from the provincial government have been working with community groups for several years trying to find out what’s wrong with sturgeon throughout the Fraser River Watershed. See the “What is being done to help them?” section of the website for more information.

What does Lhecho mean?

Lhecho (pronounced thlay-cho) means “sturgeon” in the Nakazdli dialect of the Carrier (Dakelh) language. There are 11 dialects of the Carrier language. The word for White Sturgeon in the Lheidli dialect (the dialect of the Carrier people living near Prince George , BC ) is lhkw’encho.