What can I do?

You can help spread the word about these fascinating fish who live in the Nechako River watershed. Consider doing the following:

Learn more about sturgeon
Do research into sturgeon, at this web site and on the internet.
Visit the Live Sturgeon Display at the new Fraser Fort George Regional Museum.
Tell everyone about the Nechako sturgeon
Write reports on the Nechako sturgeon and tell your friends, family, and neighbors about them.

Write class letters
Write letters to your MLA (Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly) and Member of Parliament ( Canada ). Let them know that you encourage the efforts now being made by their government departments and community organizations to help the Nechako sturgeon.

Get articles in the local newspapers
You might write and article and submit it to local papers. Or you might ask to meet with a newspaper reporter and give them some interesting information for the reporter to write and article about these amazing creatures.