Who are the Nechako


Sturgeon have mouths that seem very peculiar to us. But they are perfect for eating the way a sturgeon does.

First of all a sturgeon doesn’t have any teeth, so even though they look a little bit like sharks, they can’t bite anybody. Instead they have lips that move in and out. When their lips are in they look pretty ordinary. But when a sturgeon wants to eat, its lips expand so that its mouth is like a little vacuum cleaner. Then it just sucks up its food from the bottom of the river. This kind of mouth is called protrusible because it can protrude or stick out from the fish.


Sturgeon eat almost any kind of dead or living animal that it finds on the river bottom. Some of the things that have been found in sturgeons’ stomachs are fish eggs, small crayfish, shrimp and clams, bugs and fly larvae, and other fish especially eulachon. Big sturgeon can eat bigger fish like herring, salmon and flounder as well as things like crabs, mussels and barnacles. Someone once even found a dead cat inside a sturgeon. They were pretty sure the cat was already dead when the sturgeon ate it.